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Vanilla + Vanilla

traditional vanilla bean cake 

vanilla swiss buttercream filling & frosting

Chocolate + Vanilla + Heath

devils food cake

vanilla swiss buttercream filling & frosting

heath bar crumble

Chocolate Strawberry & Cheese

devils food cake + strawberry jam + cream cheese filling + vanilla buttercream frosting

Chocolate + Vanilla

devils food cake + vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Cherry Cheese

devils food cake + cherry pie filling + cream cheese filling

Strawberry Cassata

vanilla cake + vanilla butter cream + vanilla pastry cream & strawberries preserves



vanilla bean cake + ricotta filling w/ pistachio, orange and chocolate curls

German Chocolate

light chocolate cake + chocolate buttercream + pecan & coconut cream filling

Carrot + Cream Cheese

carrot cake with walnuts (NO RAISINS)

+ cream cheese filling


vanilla bean cake + coconut pastry cream, coconut buttercream frosting

Chocolate + Chocolate

devils food cake + chocolate buttercream

Lemon Raspberry

lemon cake + raspberry jam + lemon curd

Blueberry Lemon

vanilla cake + blueberry pie filling + lemon curd

Apple Spice + Cream Cheese

apple spice sponge + cream cheese


devils food cake + dark chocolate ganache + salted caramel + toasted pecans


Red Velvet

red velvet cake + cream cheese filling


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